Kasey and Katelyn Senior Session

One of my first big projects of 2016 was a senior photoshoot with Kasey and Katelyn.  Not only will they graduate this coming year, but they’re also twins.  The two made it so much fun because of the dynamic energy that they gave one another. Plus, no one can make you laugh, giggle or snort like a person you’ve shared everything with your entire life.

Up until this time, portrait work was handled by the 18-105mm kit lens that came with my camera.  I was comfortable with it and could easily zoom in and out to frame each shot.  However, while perfectly capable of providing acceptable photos under most situations, I wanted to be a little more creative and add some bokeh and perhaps get some “different” looking shots.  I had been researching the Nikon AF-S 50mm 1.8G for some time and finally decided to take the plunge.  I actually ordered it two days prior to the shoot and had to pay a few more dollars to make sure I got it in time!  Little did I know how awesome that lens was going to be.

Tethering–I tether as much as I can while doing portrait work.  What I mean by tethering is that I connect my camera to my laptop using a USB cable and capture photos directly into a library.  In this case, Adobe’s Lightroom is my photo manager and primary editor of choice.

Once I got the first few shots into Lightroom, and believe me, I didn’t have time to take many, I was blown away by what was coming up on the screen.  Yes, I said the 18-105mm kit lens is capable and I have some great photos to prove it, but I had no idea that the 50mm was going to be that much better!  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve taken it off the camera since their shoot.

Another bonus during this session was the location.  The twins’ mother asked the property owner if we could use their property, which includes a cute house, a big rusty barn, open fields and railroad tracks.  I’ve driven by that place hundreds of times and always thought that it would be a great place for photos.  Well, the property owner says that people stop by all the time for photos–which goes to show that most great ideas are already taken.  Lucky for us, the day that we needed wasn’t taken and the location and weather were both perfect!

We had an amazing time with the twins and I think the photos turned out quite well for an amateur.  The project really made me step out of my comfort zone, pull up my big boy pants, and try something different.  Sometimes what we need is a boost of confidence from a  successful project to nudge ourselves forward.


The next project after Kasey and Katelyn nearly knocked my socks off…